Governing Council

The Governing Council of Soundarya Group of Institutions is established to oversee the design, development and the effective implementation of various Academic, Co-Curricular and Value-Added programs. The Governing Council also plays an important role in establishing adequate physical infrastructure and competent human resources. Renowned individuals from Academic, Industrial and Civic backgrounds are selected as representatives in the Governing Council. The Governing Council gathers often and deliberates on various issues and submits recommendations for further implementation of initiatives.

Soundarya P Manjappa
Smt. Sunitha Manjappa
Managing Director
Keerthan Kumar


Dr. Kumar H - Principal

Education is instrumental in the development of values and virtues. It equips us with the expertise that is needed in helping and realising career goals. The pre-university phase of education holds decisive importance in students life. To encompass this Soundarya PU College is transferring as vibrant learning institution with which the students are encouraged to learn in a stress free and creative environment.

Our college provides an intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers, problem solvers and inspired learners equipped to thrive in the twenty-first century.

The curriculum of our college is a blend of academics with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to shape an individual into responsible citizen. We hold high standards and ask each of our students to commit to maintain the extraordinary record of achievement and contribution.

The crazy club, business club, chaavadi katte, executed science and commerce projects, exhibition competitions, techno-cultural festival as Soundarya Siri Singaara, NSS camp, a historic pushkarani cleaning at Thyamagondlu, innumerable remedial classes and frequent interactions with parents are all testimony to our commitment and vision. But the completion of mission is possible with the active participation of students.

I intently believe that you would have an all-round development of your personality during your stay at our college. I personally thank Ventura team for their creative work and wish all had wonderful time in the team work. My best wishes to all students for a bright, eventful and prosperous career.


Smt. Prasannalakshmi Mrs. Krupa - Vice Principal

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and sparks extraordinary results. Thoughts give birth to a creative force that is neither elemental nor sidereal. It is really inspiring to witness the potentials of our students unfolding their creativity in various activities which are reflected in Ventura, the annual magazine fledging with innovative and creative ideas. It is an anthology of thoughts of each Soundaryans in each page.
My greetings and appreciation to the editorial team for their determined efforts in bringing out this magazine in all aspects. I extend my best wishes to all the students in reaching their objectives and goals that lead to success in their career paths.